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The biggest challenge for every mompreneur is to arrange her day in a way that all her duties related to work, household and kids are in balance. It is so easy to let yourself get carried away by work process or games with children and forget about other important daily tasks.

To avoid this common problem you need to follow a time management system and also work out a system of tricks to increase personal productivity. Sounds easy, but that’s not! Luckily, app developers and IT specialists are aware of personal productivity problem and do their best to find great solutions. Here goes a top 10 of best personal productivity tools that will help you organize your daily work and personal life.

1. Trello – A great service that will help you to manage your work projects. Collect ideas, write to-do lists, see how things are moving on etc.

2. Sanex – tones of e-mails and spam is what ruins our day and „steals” so much time! Sanex uses algorithms to organize your email into what’s important and what’s not. Works amazingly well and saves so much of your time!

3. Wunderlist – tool to keep track of your daily life. Here you can not only state all your duties for each day/week/month and track them, but also write all kind of notes, such as places to visit with kids during a weekend, list of exhibitions. There are also separate categories to create wish lists, keep household accounting and travel planning.

4. Endomodo – fitness is an essential part of life and an essential condition for good health, activity and, consequently, personal efficiency. Track workouts, challenge your friends and analyze your training. You can track your running, cycling and a heap of other sports – it’s fun, social and motivating.

5. Habitlist – a really cool mobile app that will help you to work out positive habits and beat the negative once. You’ll get motivated with streaks and stay on track with reminders.

6. Evernote – forget about post-it notes! Evernote is a service to store your notes in the cloud and access on any computer or mobile device.

7. Dropbox – same with documents. Safely store them all in a cloud and get access to any doc when you need it, even if you are thousand miles away from your home or office.

8. TripIt – nowadays traveling involve tones of papers: hotel booking confirmations, flight e-tickets, train tickets etc. All you need is to send all your confirmations and other travel papers to a certain e-mail and this service will store them all in one place. The Pro version will alert you of flight delays and gate changes.

9. Prismatic – this service will help you to save time on looking through news web-sites in search of interesting or useful information. Prismatic creates a newsfeed based on your interests and you only get what you want.

10. DayOne – perfect app to store ideas and thought that suddenly come to your mind. A sort of online notebook available for Mac and iPhone.

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