how to prepare a kid for kindergarten

There are some things that unite both stay at home moms, working moms and work from home moms: each morning they face one and the same challenge – to prepare a kid (or kids) to kindergarten. You have a huge to-do list, but your kid doesn’t seem to care. He is whining, playing games and sabotages your attempts to get him ready quickly. You get irritated, kid gets upset and everything goes wrong. Sounds familiar? For me it was an everyday routine till I decided that something needs to be changed. Now I have a working system of getting y daughter prepared for the kindergarten. It works perfectly for us and, hope, will work good for you as well!

So, how to prepare a kid for kindergarten without morning stress and fights?

1. Clothes should be prepared in advance. In the evening I check the weather forecast, prepare clothes, outwear and everything she might need during the day. That saves lots of time in the morning.
2. Healthy sleep regime. When Sofia goes to bed late in the evening, she’s always tearful and sluggish in the morning. So I make sure she goes to bed on time. Always, every day!
3. Help your kid with morning routine. Even if he/she is old enough to make everything alone, you better be close by to help when needed and to prevent him/her from distracting. Also helps to save a lot of time.
4. Breakfast is essential. Even if your kid has breakfast in the kindergarten, give him/her at least a glass of milk and a cookie. Kid’s behavior and energy depends a lot on the level of glucose in blood, so a little snack in the morning will guarantee that your kid is energetic and in good mood.
5. Use the time on the way to the kindergarten wisely. Me and Sofia, we have developed a whole ritual of having fun while driving to the kindergarten. We invent songs and sing them together, invent stories, listen to audio fairy tales, discuss what desert we’ll have for dinner etc. This is a great chance to spend time together and to have fun. Besides, it will help to prevent those “Oh no, not kindergarten again!” situations.

Joyful start of the day is what guarantees that everything goes smooth till the evening, so do your best to set your child for positive mood and you’ll forget about morning struggles and fights as well as whining and tears. Tested and confirmed!

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