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One of the strongest desires of any mom is to spend as much time with her kid as possible. But modern lifestyle is not very helpful… If you live in a big city and work full time at the office, then there’s not that much time left for your kids. Several hours for getting to and from work, 8-9 hours at the office, several hours to prepare dinner and for everyday routine, like cleaning etc. All in all we have an hour or so before the bedtime, when we can play and have fun with children. And time passes so quickly, they grow so fast…

The only way out of this rat race is remote work with flexible schedule. The one that will let you be your own boss, to arrange your day in a way that allows you to fulfill your duties as a mom and wife. You wonder how to find remote work? Well, first take a look at this top of online resources that specialize in remote work opportunities and search for one that suits your own needs!

1. Career Builder
The major one, with the widest range of offers.

2. Flex jobs
A site to search for job in online call centers.

3. Indeed

4. oDesk

5. Elance
I’ve already posted a review of Elance, so you might want to check it.

These are the search engines for remote jobs, where you can find legitimate offers for different professions. You can also check the vacancies from the top online call centers that I featured in the Work from Home Jobs directory on this blog. Just remember, that working from the comfort of your home might sound like heaven, but it has one very serious drawback. You have to be a highly self-motivated and organized person to fulfill all your duties from home, when there’s no bosses supervising you and telling you what and when to do. So think it over carefully and evaluate your ability to be an independent professional.

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